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The only known picture...

Russian - Pink is a fur from the Russian breed.

The LegendEdit

The Pink Russian fur is one that has been talked about for as long as history has been recorded, even traveling bards can recall telling the tale of the Pink Russian. There is only one known image has ever been seen of a Pink Russian. Many people over the years have tried to breed for the most elusive of furs, but no one seems to know how or where it comes from.

Legends say that one day the Pink Russian will venture onto the live grid and bring about a new order of KittyCatS, one shaped and bent to the will of the breeder who unlocks its secrets.

Some breeders have become extremely bitter of talks concerning mysterious Pink Russian. They have given everything to try find it, but all have come up empty-handed.

Real-Life Pink - RussianEdit


The Pink Russian. Legends are true; it does exist.