Traits in the online cattery

Symbols represent the stats shown on a KittyCat, picture from the online cattery.

KittyCatS have six stats that show the owner their current status and each stat is depicted by a symbol that can be seen when clicking the cat in-world or by viewing them on the online cattery.

Symbols & Their MeaningsEdit

  • Gender ♂ ♀ Denotes the gender of the cat.
  • Age   ҈   Denotes the age of the cat in days.
  • Love ♥ ♡ Denotes how much love the cat has gained, with ♥♥100% love making the cat eligible to breed.
  • Energy ↯  ☪↯ Denotes the cat's energy and if the cat is awake or asleep. The higher the number, the more energy the cat has.
  • Hunger 모☁ Denotes the cat's hunger. The higher the number, the more hungry the cat is.