Often times, it is helpful to see a visual representation of what's going on when breeding.

The graphics, below, represent all possible production sets.

These graphics use the color trait scheme presented in the Breeding Basics section.

It might seem that, with two parents having two trait values each, 256 graphics would be required.  But, by application of the rules presented in Breeding Basics, many of those can be eliminated as duplicates.

To get down to just 14 graphics, the coloring scheme was modified slightly.  The colors still represent dominance.  But that can be "renamed".  For example, the Black/Red cross with Black/Red equally represents and case where there are only two different trait values in the parent, such as Red/Blue or Green/Blue.

In other words, the colors represent relative dominance and any set of parents with that pattern of relative dominance will follow the pattern for that graphic.

Most traits in KittyCatS! have at least four values, so all 14 of these charts apply.  Some traits, however, have only two; for those, the graphics showing only Black and Red apply.

Production GraphicsEdit

Cat BBBB 358x384

Cat BBBR 358x384

Cat BBRR 358x384

Cat BBRG 358x384

Cat BRBR 358x384

Cat BRBG 358x384

Cat BRRR 358x384

Cat BRRG 358x384

Cat BRGG 358x384

Cat BRGL 358x384

Cat BGRR 358x384

Cat BGRG 358x384

Cat BGRL 358x384

Cat BLRG 358x384