Maine Coon refers to a breed in KittyCatS that has a real-life counterpart by the same name. The first Balinese noted on the KittyCatS History document was a Maine Coon - Plush Calico, discovered by Temptation Beaumont on January 13, 2013 from the winter 2012 collection.

Balinese FursEdit

There are two known Maine Coon furs at this time:

Real-Life Maine Coon Breed History & TemperamentEdit

"One of the oldest natural breeds in North America, the Maine Coon is generally regarded as a native of the state of Maine. A number of legends surround its origin. A wide-spread (though biologically impossible) belief is that it originated from matings between semi-wild, domestic cats and raccoons. This myth, bolstered by the bushy tail and the most common coloring (a raccoon-like brown tabby) led to the adoption of the name 'Maine Coon.'

Most breeders today believe that the breed originated in matings between pre-existing shorthaired domestic cats and overseas longhairs, perhaps Angora types introduced by New England seamen, or the Norwegian Forest Cat brought to America by the Vikings."

"Maine Coons are relaxed and easy-going in just about everything they do. They're are highly people-oriented cats, but they are not overly-dependent. They do not constantly pester you for attention, but prefer to 'hang out' with their owners, investigating whatever activity you're involved in and "helping" when they can. Most are not lap cats but Maine Coons will stay close by you, follow you from room to room and wait outside a closed door for you to emerge. A Maine Coon will be your companion, your buddy, your pal, but rarely your baby."

- Wikipedia, TICA, & Cat Fancier's Association