Genesis Domino II

Genesis, Genesis II, Genesis III refer to three breed sets in KittyCatS, each with five furs known as the five starter furs. Any Genesis breed/fur isn't counted as a trait.

Despite purchasing a collection kitty with a costume relevant to that event, every collection kitty has a "starter" Genesis fur beneath its costume and can potentially be seen in offspring. The outcome of which current Genesis fur a kitty will come with is completely random, whether costume or not.

Each Genesis fur tends to look similar to its equivalent from the other Genesis generations with slight artistic changes or improvements over the years.

Genesis DominanceEdit

The Genesis breeds are more dominant than any other breeds in KittyCatS. However, every implementation of a new Genesis breed doesn't demonstate that the furs are in the same order of dominance as its Genesis pre-decessors. What information is known between the dominance of Genesis breeds and furs against one another can be found on Saga's KittyCatS Collection - Dominance Order, Furs.


KittyCatS was launched with the five Genesis furs making up the default starter furs, randomly given when purchasing a starter.

This initial Genesis breed and its furs were retired in February 2012 to celebrate KittyCatS' birthday and starter packs were replaced with the new Genesis II breed and its furs.

  • Genesis Coco Retired February 2012
  • Genesis Diamond Retired February 2012
  • Genesis Domino Retired February 2012
  • Genesis Flame Retired February 2012
  • Genesis Smokey Retired February 2012

Genesis IIEdit

In celebration of KittyCatS' first birthday, the Genesis II breed and its five furs were introduced February 2012 at the same time the original Genesis furs were retired.

As of February 2013 during KittyCatS' second birthday, the Genesis II breed retired and starter packs introduced the Genesis III breed. It can be inferred that for every birthday KittyCatS celebrates, a new Genesis breed may be introduced.

  • Genesis Coco II Retired February 2013
  • Genesis Diamond II Retired February 2013
  • Genesis Domino II Retired February 2013
  • Genesis Flame II Retired February 2013
  • Genesis Smokey II Retired February 2013

Genesis IIIEdit

For KittyCatS' second birthday in February 2013, the Genesis III breed replaced the Genesis II breed in starter packs and this is the breed and fur currently present in any starter purchased today.

  • Genesis Coco III
  • Genesis Diamond III
  • Genesis Domino III
  • Genesis Flame III
  • Genesis Smokey III