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KittyCatS hosts 14 known breed types at this time and combined furs between these 14 known breeds results in nearly 100 different possible furs.

Many breeds can be derived from real-life counterparts however KittyCatS has also created its own unique breeds.

Breed versus Fur: Term DifferenceEdit

Both of these count as the same trait and are often used interchangibly to refer to the fur/breed trait. However, "breed" is a broad term that refers to a certain type of cat's texture. For instance, bengal is a breed but specifically, your kitty may have tawny fur, where the "fur" refers to the colorpoint of the example.

Example: Bengal - Tawny (Bengal = Breed, Tawny = Fur)

While it can be convenient to group cats by Breed, remember: the breed and fur are a single unit.  By itself, Breed has no signicance to breeding.  For example, you can breed a Genesis Coco to a Russian Black and (ignoring any hidden furs) you will only ever get Genesis Coco and Russian Black .. you can't separate the Breed from the fur and obtain Genesis Black or Russian Coco.

Breed as a traitEdit

Breed counts as one trait when counting nine traits and any breed is eligible to be counted as a trait unless it's of the Genesis, Genesis II, or Genesis III breeds.

Known Breeds in KittyCatSEdit