KittyCatS Bengal Snow - Fancie Pink Diamond

Bengal refers to a breed in KittyCatS that has a real-life counterpart by the same name. Bengals were present in the beginning of KittyCatS at launch.

Bengal FursEdit

There are six known Bengal furs at this time:

Real-Life Bengal Breed History & TemperamentEdit

"Throughout history there are indications of a profound human fascination with the large and small wild felines that inhabit the jungles and forest of the world. In 1963, Jean S. Mill crossed the domestic cat with the Asian Leopard Cat, a spotted five to twelve pound shy wild cat species from Asia. This was the first effort to use hybrid offspring to create a breed of domestic cat with the loving nature of a favored fireside tabby and the striking look associated with Leopards, Ocelots and Jaguars.

The Bengal cat is unique in the cat fancy, it is the first documented cross between a nondomestic cat, the Asian leopard cat (Felis bengalensis), and the domestic cat (Felis catus)."

"Bengals are an active, inquisitive cat that loves to be up high. If you don't like a cat to leave the floor, a Bengal is probably not the right cat for you. Bengals are busy by nature. They are very affectionate and can be a "lap cat" whenever THEY want to be, but in general their idea of fun is playing, chasing, climbing and investigating.

When a Bengal is in full play mode, it's rather like trying to hold on to running water! Bengals are all about 'The Action'. When given the choice of a static toy, and one that does wild, unpredictable things, Bengals will always choose the 'wild' one! For individuals who enjoy rambunctious, funny, beautiful and dynamic feline companionship, consider the Bengal."

- Wikipedia, TICA, & Cat Fancier's Association