Abyssinian Black - Silver

Abyssinian refers to a breed in KittyCatS that has a real-life counterpart by the same name. The first Abyssinian noted on the KittyCatS History document was an Abyssinian - Cinnamon, discovered by Dellybean North in July 2011.

Abyssinian FursEdit

There are seven known Abyssinian furs at this time:

Real-Life Abyssinian Breed History & TemperamentEdit

"The name 'Abyssinian' refers to Ethipoia, but most of the stories about the origins of Abyssinians refer to Egypt. Genetic research suggests the breed originated near the coast of the Indian Ocean, where colinists may have purchased animals from wild animal traders. The breed was developed in Great Britain.

Many sources repeat the story that the Abyssinian breed is a few thousand years old and comes from Ancient Egypt, as the cats resemble those in ancient paintings. Ancient Egyptians made sculptures of them. There are also stories that wild 'Abyssinians' live in parts of North Africa today."

"Abyssinians are extroverted, extremely active, playful, willful, and intelligent. They are usually not 'lap cats', because they are usually too preoccupied with exploring and playing. They are popular among breeders and owners, and can be very successful show cats. Not all Abyssinians are shown, however, because the color and type standards are very exacting, and because some are shy towards strangers and timid in public. They have quiet, engaging voices."

- Wikipedia, TICA, & Cat Fancier's Association